Dear Reader:

I have a soft spot for military guys. It might be because I married one. Or maybe it’s because I come from a long line of men and women who have served their country. In fact, I can trace my ancestors back to the American Revolution — and I’m a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution to boot.

The military is in my blood. And these guys, the HOT guys, are also in my blood. I love writing about them. Love bringing their stories to life and showing how amazing and dedicated these warriors can be.

Sam McKnight came to life when I started thinking about writing a shorter work in order to give readers a taste of the HOT world in case they didn’t want to commit to a longer book like HOT PURSUIT. Though HOT MESS comes chronologically after HOT PURSUIT, it can be read as a stand alone story. I wanted to introduce a new team member that readers weren’t yet invested in, so if they came to this story first, they wouldn’t go back and read HOT PURSUIT and see an earlier version of him there.

Sam is a tall, hot, muscular Texan with plenty of attitude and a few tattoos. And he just so happens to have a very inconvenient attraction to his best friend’s little sister, who needs his help now that she’s somehow gotten tangled up in the middle of a terrorist plot. Georgie Hayes is a staid English professor these days, but she’s never forgotten the wild night she almost had with Sam. Now that he’s back in her life, she’d like to experience that wildness one more time. Sam is determined to resist. Georgie is determined to have him. Who’ll win?

I hope you have fun finding out!
Best Wishes,

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by Lynn Raye Harris | Narrated by: Aiden Snow | Hot Mess (H.O.T. #2)

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