I love Colonel Mendez! Will he get a book of his own?

I love the colonel too! He’s such a mysterious, delicious character and I learn more about him every time I write a HOT story. Yes, he most definitely will get a book. No, I don’t know when. He hasn’t told me enough yet!

How many Hostile Operations Team books will there be?

As many as it takes! Seriously, I love the HOT boys and at this moment I see no end to the number of books I could write about them. HOT is a big organization that’s always evolving. There are numerous squads within HOT, and numerous missions. Yes, Alpha Squad will be done before too much longer — but there’s always Echo Squad, and the other squads we haven’t even met yet.

Ian Black is so intriguing! Will he get his own book?

Isn’t Ian interesting? I’m never sure what he’s up to! At this moment, I think he’ll get a book. He may even get his own spin-off series about Black Security and the mercenaries he hires. I think you can expect him to appear from time to time in HOT books going forward.

Will Matt and Evie (HOT Pursuit) get married and have a baby?

They will definitely get married and it’s my plan to share their wedding with all of you! Look for a short story or a novella at some point that features their wedding at Reynier’s Retreat. As for a baby, yes! In fact, you can find out all about that in HOT SEAL LOVER and in the bonus section of the Hostile Operations Team site.

What is Jack “Hawk” Hunter doing these days?

Jack still works on special assignments for HOT, but he’s also in charge of his wife’s security. Jack uses all his Special Forces training to make sure Gina stays safe. And he may just start his own security firm with an eye toward protecting other celebrities and wealthy clients. This means you could get some books about Hunter Bodyguards in the future! And if you’re a diehard HOT fan, then you know he pops up again in HOT PROTECTOR!

Will you write stories with the couples from previous books making appearances? Maybe a holiday story where they all appear?

I’ll never say never. I like seeing the couples from previous books show up in later books, and I really like it when the whole team is together with their partners. But trying to make a whole story out of all of them in one place isn’t easy. Not that it can’t happen, but right now I don’t have an idea for it. As always, sign up for my newsletter to be the first to know what’s happening. And come join my Facebook group for the HOT Readers and Fans! We talk HOT there and you never know what will come up. (Lots of contests, fun, and silliness, I guarantee it!)

I think the Hostile Operations Team books would make great movies. Is this something you’re pursuing?

I’m always open to a movie or a television series being done about my books! But this isn’t something I can make happen. Screenwriting and the world of television are as foreign to me as sending a rocket to the moon would be. I have no real input into whether or not this happens. If someone comes to me with the right deal, then maybe it would happen. Until then, we can all hope that Hollywood gets interested.

How can I be the first to know when a new HOT book is released?

Sign up for my newsletter for notifications of new books.

Are the HOT books available in print?

All the HOT books are available in print. For a list of books and links about where to buy them, click here.

Can I get your books in my local bookstore?

Yes. You may have to ask your bookseller to order them, but you can get them in your local store.

Can I get my books signed by you?

Yes! You can come to one of the events where I’ll be signing books or you can send a self-addressed stamped envelope to 12060 County Line Road, STE J PMB 221, Madison, AL 35756 for a signed bookplate.