Chance (Ghost Ops #2)


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October 15, 2024

Ghost Ops, Book 2

Chance and Rory’s story! Coming soon!

Dead to their pasts. Ghosts. No family ties. No connections.

Six men with a top-secret mission move to a small town where they have to navigate local life, protect their secret, and, above all, stay single.

CHANCE - Available Formats

There are THREE covers not only for CHANCE, but for every book in this series. That’s right – THREE!
First there’s the hot guy ebook cover, and we’ll do paperbacks in my web store with him. Then there’s the absolutely amazing discreet cover! That will be paperbacks at the retailers, and on my store.

And then, if that’s not enough, there will be a HARDCOVER Collector’s Edition! So much goodness, y’all!!

FOR NOW, ONLY THE HOT GUY EBOOK IS AVAILABLE TO PREORDER! Trust me, I’ll let you know the second the other editions are available!

There will also be audio books! They will come later in the year due to scheduling, but you will love the narrating duos picked out for every book!

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